Tropical Garden Statuary (B&W)

The tropical garden in Vincennes is a mixed bag of left over pavilions from the late 19th century international exhibitions, greenhouses, and office buildings dedicated to the study and preparation of tropical plants. It is also packed with interesting statuary, in various states of conservation. Above, Theseus is holding the Gorgon’s head … who is... Continue Reading →

George Washington

Place d'Iena in Paris, there is a statue of George Washington, which was intended as a (self-centred?**) gift by the USA to France for offering the Statue of Liberty. January 2014. **[Feb 26, 2014] as to the gift being possibly self-centred, I wish to point my readers to Amanda's note in the comments section, which... Continue Reading →

Saint Louis Jouvet (B&W)

Louis Jouvet is an iconic 1930s French actor, a wonderful man who not only was a brilliant actor but a stutterer who managed to overcome his handicap to learn and teach acting to people with speech difficulties. Opposite our flat, there is this church and above the door, the statue of what should be St... Continue Reading →

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