Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (B&W)

The statue is named "Armed Peace", it represents an Angel holding a knight's sword. It is made of bronze and weighs 28 tonnes! The Sculptor's name is Jules Coutan. Bonus: if you zoom in on the little dark stain at the right of the pedestal of that statue, you will realise it's not a stain... Continue Reading →

the fountain which needed descaling

I wanted to take a few pictures of the stunning fountains on the Place de La Concorde a few weeks ago, but when I got there I realised there was no water. The statues were covered in scale and this was creating a very special effect which looked particularly good in black & white

The ground beneath her feet

The red ankle-band I only noticed once I got home and developed the digital negative in Lightroom. Blame my sun-darkening glasses for this, not a great idea if you want to shoot good photos in broad daylight...

Zen attitude

  Statues don't move... they are a bit like frozen movement. This sculpture - taken at the Belmondo museum in Boulogne near Paris - is particularly beautiful and peaceful.

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