Paris 13 Street Art

Paris 13 is a street Art initiative by the Paris town hall in a derelict building which will soon be destroyed. A short term exhibition has been organised in the building which is open to the public for 30 days. We’ll have a chance to see the works of Art inside the building tonight. Last... Continue Reading →

Crusties’ Feet (B&W)

No!! This isn't Australia (where people are used to walking barefoot I was told). This picture was taken in Saint Girons in the Pyrenees, a town which is jam-packed with crusties and neo-hippies from all over Europe. Summer 2013.

Gadding About Montsouris (B&W)

A stroll down the "villas" (click here for an explanation of what "villa" means in Paris parlance) of Montsouris, South of Paris, a stone's throw from where I live. Some people believe that living in big cities is really stressful, but not all of them. July 2013

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