Shine: Here Comes The Sun

Today’s challenge is “Shine”. This could be a film or just a selection of pictures. I like that picture above of a building in downtown Seattle last Summer. I spotted that plane up in the sky. It seemed everything was running parallel in that picture. The plane, the cornice, the floor separations in the building,... Continue Reading →

The ground beneath her feet

The red ankle-band I only noticed once I got home and developed the digital negative in Lightroom. Blame my sun-darkening glasses for this, not a great idea if you want to shoot good photos in broad daylight...

Sunset in Essaouira

Despite the Sun, Essaouira is a rather cold place with its ubiquitous Taros, the northerly wind which you can't escape. OK! but the sunsets really are amazing there. If you wish to download a Windows 7 theme for your PC with my pictures of Essaouira (including this one) in high def, click the following picture:

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