Musings About Heritage, Wars and Buildings

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“Features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings, that were created in the past and still have historical importance” 

Cambridge Dictionary

Raoul NOrdling

Traditions and languages are rather hard to picture, but buildings are easier and I indulge a lot in that activity I must admit. We’re a bit spoilt for choice in Paris, what with a great number of listed buildings from the 17th century onwards. Most mediaeval buildings were destroyed in the 19th century when Paris was overhauled by Haussmann, but a lot of the 17th and 18th century ones are still there. As above in the district of Notre Dame.

The City survived WWI (despite some bombings which reached the Capital and traces of which can still be seen here and there and namely at the back of La Madeleine). And it survived WWII too but that was a close shave. Von Choltitz was meant to press the red button and Hitler was raving mad: “Brennt Paris?” he barked. Is Paris burning? No it wasn’t, thanks to Franco-Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling (Orson Welles in the film), the Man who saved Paris.  “Tack Mr. Nordling!”  

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I feel bad because David’s challenge was about Wanderlust and you are meant to be travelling like mad, and sure I did a lot of that in the past. But since I became an entrepreneur, the furthest I go is the end of metro line 6 and as it goes round in circle that isn’t even taking me very far. OK, we did the odd trip to the Pacific Northwest and that was very cool but I would hardly call that exotic. Maybe Berlin in May last year was a bit off the beaten track and yet. I would hardly call that wanderlust. More of a pilgrimage to a weird place where people seem to enjoy themselves quite a lot on the ashes of the Jews, many of whom have little plaques fixed on the paved road to mark the location of their former homes and explain where they were born and died. Continue reading “Wanderlust”

Surprise Surprise

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Last night’s photo challenge was about surprise or macro photography or both, I’m not sure. I chose macro photos with incredibly shallow depth of field. As Spring is back we’ll soon be able to take more. Each of these photos show incredible amounts of detail and often, the odd insect, extremely tiny even though they look huge on the photo because of the macro lens. Continue reading “Surprise Surprise”