Out Of This World

The E.N.A (National School of Administration) in Paris is located in the former buildings of the so-called "Colonial School". Fig trees and Moorish buildings would give you the impression that you are out of this part of the world, in Algeria [Sept 2017] Even closer to my block of flats, St Dominique, a church which... Continue Reading →

Faceless In the Crowd

Today's challenge is "a Face in the Crowd" although I decided to rename it "Faceless in the Crowd" as the challenge is about showing people in crowds whereas their faces aren't  visible. I went back to my files and found plenty of these. Like the one above showing the parade for Bastille day. I managed... Continue Reading →

Sweet Fresh Fruit

Today's challenge is "Sweet" and it's a bit of a challenge now that I'm gluten intolerant. You won't get many more pictures of these delicious desserts I used to dote on. All is left is fresh fruit and the good news is I love fresh fruit!

The City of Water

Following in Krista's Winnipeggian — not sure about the adjective — footsteps, only under slightly milder climes, here is the exact oppositre of the empty streets of the Capital of Manitoba in the midst of Winter, even though I managed to find an angle in the following picture, which would give you the wrong impression... Continue Reading →

Beloved Kitten

Today's theme was about Jen's daughter clutching a Teddy bear in her arms. I found that picture of a little girl hugging a kitten in my portfolio. I love the kitten's expression.

Variations on a theme: evolution

This week's topic is variations on a theme. This made me think of a recent visit to the Paris Natural History Museum where all sorts of species are presented. Some are fake plastic replicas, some are - quite realistic - stuffed animals like these North African lions (extinct). A Hyena, not yet extinct nor endangered but... Continue Reading →

Weather-Beaten Town

Last November we visited a town in Normandy, Gournay en Bray. Even the name sounds weathered. Above a derelict mansion. Must have been beautiful in the past. The old turnpike building. Not sure what the address would be: 3-8 I believe.An old weather-beaten shop. Not much is left in such towns which were flourishing in the... Continue Reading →


Jen's post today came as a relief in the midst of a dreadfully mild and damp Winter* where the river seems to be taking over the world. The banks are no longer open to the public and if you click this link you will understand why. So thinking about growth was a good idea and... Continue Reading →

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