Montsouris Paris Park
Montsouris – A park in the 14th district of Paris

With the lockdown (one more time!), we are once again forced to stay home. At best one can travel in a 1 km radius around one’s block of flats. 1 km is exactly where it would take you if you walked from my place, a bit further south, in Montsouris. A funny name which would sound a bit like “Mousehill”. I definitely prefer Primrose Hill for that matter. Well, anyway, we are not allowed to travel, be it to London or anywhere else.

Just before lockdown no.2 (and 3 and 4 etc.), we were lucky enough to visit Chana Orloff’s exhibition.

It took place right outside her workshop, Villa Seurat, in the fourteenth district of Paris.

I was able to get inside and take pictures of the workshop, now turned into a museum.

Orloff was a Franco-Israeli artist, a native of Russia, who arrived in Paris in the 1920s and stayed there until her death (part from the war-period during which she fled to Switzerland to escape repression against the Jews).

The light there was absolutely beautiful. I was able to capture it. The atmosphere was really special.

A tremendous collection of sculptures.

Lurçat’s stepson, my favourite sculpture greeted us at the beginning of the open-air exhibition.

This exhibition of Chana Orloff took place on September 12, 2020.