Once upon a time in Foix

Once upon a time in Foix... Foix (a town in the Pyrenees region) is homonymous with many other French nouns. As in "Once upon a time" ("Il était une fois" - spelt differently). It's even part of a famous nursery rhyme aimed at teaching children how to spell that word according to the context. It's... Continue Reading →

Uzerche – Corrèze (1)

Uzerche is a small town in the Corrèze tucked between Limoges and Brive. It's one of my favourite places. Its hills are strewn with 15th-16th century stone mansions that all look like mediaeval castles. Here's the first one of them in a series of pictures which should be enough to fuel this blog for weeks... Continue Reading →

Cabbage Butterfly (Pieris brassicae)

Cabbage Butterfly (aka Large White or Pieris Brassicae, brassica meaning "cabbage" in Latin). As it happens, they seem to have a liking for cabbage. As they couldn't find any in the Montparnasse Churchyard, they started feeding on lavender instead.

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