Yellow Skies

A wee study for a new watercolour in the making. It's a very small 4x4 inches format on soft handmade 120-grammes watercolour paper (hence very hard to work with as my preferred grammage is 600 g which is a bit like cardboard and suits my style of painting best as I keep adding layers and... Continue Reading →

Heloïse and Abélard

We visited the Conciergerie lately. It was on our list of "things worth seeing" and it was well worth the visit. It's the former palace of the Kings, then turned into a Tribunal, then a jail (during the French revolution) and lastly a tribunal again.  Now it's a museum. This medieval part is rather bare... Continue Reading →

Deck Chairs

I spotted these 2 orange deck chairs while climbing — somewhat illegally but don't tell anyone — one of the modern buildings erected at the Cité Universitaire in the past two years. A room with a view.

Honfleur Wash-house

A late 19th-century wash-house in Honfleur in Normandy.  Nice woodwork on the rooftop. Until now, I'd never thought that wash-houses were such an item in France. You can find a list — by no means comprehensive — at

Scallops Season

December 2019, scallops season at Honfleur in Normandy with boats from Brittany and Fecamp and other places. And by the way, there really is a scallops season war going on, and possibly with interesting post-Brexit developments.

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