This is the age of selfie

Age of self

Age of self

Petite ceinture – November 2020

I’m perfectly aware of Wyatt’s political bias, and I must admit that I don’t share his views. Yet, this song from the early 1980s has been in my mind ever since and I can’t help thinking of this song whenever I see a selfie being made. I thought it would be slightly ironic too, to make a portrait of a selfieist (selfist?) Hopefully, this silly habit will die, one day.

They say the working class is dead, we’re all consumers now
They say that we have moved ahead – we’re all just people now
There’s people doing ‘frightfully well’ there’s others on the shelf
But never mind the second kind this is the age of self

And it seems to me if we forget our roots and where we stand
The movement will disintegrate like castles built on sand

The age of self – Robert Wyatt

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