An Afternoon With Vincent Van Gogh

Here is an account of a lovely sunny afternoon in the country, at Auvers-sur-Oise, where Vincent Van Gogh lived and eventually, took his own life. An Afternoon With Vincent Van Gogh Yes! This is the right town hall. That of Auvers, painted by Vincent. Luckily, the local officials had planted a few sunflowers opposite the building as I shot that picture and it was still Summer… nice touch for visitors isn’t it? And God knows there are visitors from all […]

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Dutch Angle in Brussels

Dutch angle and Dutch tulips

I love the odd Dutch Angle in my photos. It’s a different way of framing pictures and brings a bit of change compared to trivial portrait or landscape pictures. Often, one wants to take a picture and wonders: should this be a portrait or landscape picture. That doesn’t make for many options but rest assured there are alternatives. Enters the canted angle. Dutch angle and Dutch tulips Above is a version of a Dutch tilt, a very apt one with […]

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She Dances Alone – Casa de Argentina en Paris

Casa de Argentina en Paris is the pavilion of the Argentine Republic at Cité Universitaire, the international varsity campus of Paris. One day, as we were taking pictures with my friend Olivier around the campus we stopped by the Casa as we had heard the sound of tango music. As we went in, Josefina welcomed us. She was the organiser of this tango session within the pavilion. As it happens, Josefina was dancing alone, which reminded us of a famous […]

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The Eiffel Tower (The Nits – Les Nuits / 2005)

The Eiffel Tower (The Nits – Les Nuits / 2005) The Nits is a Dutch pop band I dote on very much. My favourite album is Les Nuits, a song sung in French which sounds beautifully ungrammatical. My favourite song in that album is the Eiffel Tower. I painted a watercolour based on that song. The rendition below isn’t up to scratch but it’s all I have now to remind me of that painting who belongs to my friend Jerome. […]

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Antoine Bourdelle

My Day with Antoine

Antoine Bourdelle and His Models Musée Bourdelle is a museum dedicated to the late Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929), the celebrated Sculptor and teacher. During my day at Musée Bourdelle, I spent some time with Antoine’s models. He was known for his ‘majestic public monuments‘. Born in 1861, he studied at L’École des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. After this, he moved to Paris and went on to study with Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and Jules Dalou. He showed rugged realism and classical ideals in his […]

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Winter in Paris

Winter Views of Paris

Winter in Paris Winter in Paris is quite dreary, it rains a lot and it’s frigid… the high energy the summer brings is far away. But at least there’s not much snow that comes around. This city experiences 15 snow days a year on average. 10 years ago six inches of snow fell, one of the highest snowfalls over the last 10 years. In 2018, there was another recorded 7 inches of snowfall, which shocked the city. It’s rare that […]

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Playing hide and seek with Saint Peter (in Caen)

Last week I played hide and seek with Saint Peter (Saint-Pierre) in Caen. Playing hide and seek with Saint Peter (in Caen) The first time I visited Caen, in Normandy, 40 years ago to the day (pronounced kɒ̃, kɑː n – don’t miss this hilarious YouTube video). Caen was home to William the Conqueror, who got the better of arch-enemy Harold at the battle of Hastings in 1066 and invaded Britain. I thought it was a rather pretty town, and that’s quite […]

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Montsouris: The Last Farm In Paris

In Montsouris, there used to be the last farm in Paris. Barely 2 miles south of Notre Dame. Here is what happened 10 years ago and what has become of it. Montsouris: The Last Farm In Paris In Paris, next to where we live in Denfert Rochereau, over the catacombs, there used to be a “farm”. Don’t misunderstand me, it wasn’t a farm with meadows and fields all around, more like a milk shop with cows in the back yard; […]

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From Essaouira With Love

Essaouira is this town in Morocco where it’s always sunny and windy too. From Essaouira With Love There is a story about this picture. We were roaming around the port in Essaouira, a town which is famous for its mixture of history and scenery. It is also known for being almost always sunny all year round and windy too. There is this blustery wind coming across the Atlantic from the north-west which is blowing hard across town. On the upside, […]

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Touching Up The Photos of the Fortified Farm of Méré

Welcome to the fortified farm of Méré in the Vexin region, west of Paris, a series of pictures that needed a bit of touching up. “Vexin (French pronunciation: ​[vɛksɛ̃]) is a historic county in northwestern France. It covers a verdant plateau on the right bank (north) of the Seine. […] The name Vexin is derived from a name for a Gaulish tribe now known as the Veliocasses. They had inhabited the area and made Rouen their most important city” – […]

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