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All we do and build in this world is temporary. We don’t look at it this way and yet, with hindsight, once we are dead and buried, who will remember us and what we’ve done. What will become of this website and the 2,000+ blog posts which I have written, not to mention the thousands of pieces written for clients and other blogs and sites. Even our books. Eve our houses, one day, will end up like this one, possibly a stately mansion at the beginning of the twentieth century, yet it’s crumbling to dust now.

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Halfway Through Dinner in Denfert Rochereau

We live in the Denfert Rochereau area in the 14th district of Paris. As I was cleaning up this blog, I stumbled upon this series of pictures taken in the vicinity with my then brand new second-hand 35 mm lens. Halfway through Dinner in Denfert Rochereau A Mi Chemin (Halfway Through, literally), is situated next to the town hall in the 14th arrondissement, around Denfert Rochereau. It’s been one of our favourite restaurants for the past fifteen years. Good fusion food […]

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Table tennis

Table Tennis and the Dunlop Family

Table tennis is an old memory. I haven’t played the game for a long long time now. When I posted that picture, I had the idea of checking the history of Ping Pong. As a matter of fact, I learnt that the Chinese didn’t invent the game. The Brits did, of all people. Table Tennis and the Dunlop Family I found a website where I learnt a lot of things. I know the days of personal websites are over now, […]

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Villa Louvat

Villa Louvat, rue Boulard, Paris 14th district

At no. 38 rue Boulard in the 14th district of Paris, a huge porch gives access to the villa Louvat. Behind that beautiful art nouveau stone archway is a sort of corridor. This leads to an inner square in which a large number of cars are parked. These add nothing to the elegance of that place. Villa Louvat, rue Boulard, Paris 14th district At the end of this corridor and after this small square, there are workshops on both sides. It […]

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Brennt Paris? Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris burning? It’s certainly not burning hot at the moment except maybe for the strikes. There is something about France which is incomprehensible to most people around the world. I assure you, you are not alone, a lot of people are confused around here as well. There has been major political and social upheaval in the streets for years on end. Possibly since the revolution but even way before. Disclosure: in order to give the (false) impression of a […]

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Portland today and the Portlanders

Today’s post is about Portland, Oregon and Portlanders. I vaguely remember promising one of my readers, ages ago, that I would post my pictures of Portland. I never had a chance to do so. Except once when posting something about postmodern architecture. We went to the Pacific North-West in 2016. Ages ago it seems. Covid-19 did this to us while we stopped travelling for nearly three years. As a result all our memories appear to be far older than they […]

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The 2013 Tour Paris 13 Contemporary Art Experience

I fished the following pictures of the Paris 13 th district out of my archive. In October 2013, street artists from all over the world were asked to decorate 36 apartments in a 1960s block of flats due to be demolished in the 13th district of Paris. Immediately after that, Real Estate developers replaced this graceless building with another even more graceless modern glass and concrete shoebox. Nearly 10 years later, I decided to revive this old blog post with […]

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Yann Gourvennec photography

My least-hated favourite pictures on Flickr

Beauty, it is said, is in the eyes of the beholder. I started collecting a list of my favourite most liked pictures on Flickr and the result is not what I was expecting. When I compare it to my own favourite list of pictures on my Flickr profile page, I realise they are completely different. A list of my most-liked photos on Flickr – Yann Gourvennec photography There is a saying according to which, it’s every man to it tastes. When I […]

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romanesque churches

Romanesque churches in Saint Bertrand de Comminges

Romanesque churches are ubiquitous in the Pyrenees. Here a few pictures from Saint Bertrand de Comminges a bit further from the Ariège in the piedmont. Romanesque churches in Saint Bertrand de Comminges Two Romanesque churches for the price of one There are two main Romanesque churches in Saint Bertrand de Comminges. Here’s the main one seen from Saint-Just de Valcabrère (the old mediaeval church). As the tourist office states, Romanesque churches also include some gothic elements. The ancient city, then home to the exile […]

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Wind turbines, cement, plastics, steel and the Industrial Age

Wind turbines are often the subject of heated discussions between those in favour and those against. I do not particularly want to jump into that debate but I thought that spending a bit of time trying to understand how things really work might be useful to me and maybe some of my readers. Wind Turbines and the Industrial Age This is an account of our latest visit to Le Havre and its harbour, last July 3 years after our 2019 […]

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