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In this category you fill find everything architecture photography, one of the most beautiful man-made things in the world that is continuously evolving. The designs that vary based on culture, influence, and the craftsmanship is what makes it so unique. Architecture from every time period and various different architects are shown throughout Europe. Most buildings in Paris were designed by the same architect, but there's also a lot of variety. Here you will find timeless beauty and authenticity, as I show all the beauty I have seen through these photos. From churches, apartments, monuments, stairways, bridges, and everything in between. Some of these have been built over centuries with multiple architects, some within a number of years by one person. Each has a rich history and a unique aesthetic.
June 6, 2023

Uzerche – Corrèze

The Pearl of the Limousin Uzerche is a small town in the Corrèze tucked between Limoges and Brive. Referred to as the pearl of...

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June 3, 2023

Life Before the Lockdown

Life Before the Lockdown March 2020, the month the world stopped. The Coronavirus pandemic, a major event, affecting everyone and everything. Life before the...

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La Sagrada Familia
May 30, 2023

Is La Sagrada Familia Finished?

What is La Sagrada Familia? La Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Temple in Barcelona by the design of architect Francisco de Paula del...

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April 2, 2023

Montsouris: The Last Farm In Paris

In Montsouris, there used to be the last farm in Paris. Barely 2 miles south of Notre Dame. Here is what happened 10 years...

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March 23, 2023

Touching Up The Photos of the Fortified Farm of Méré

Welcome to the fortified farm of Méré in the Vexin region, west of Paris, a series of pictures that needed a bit of touching...

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March 2, 2023

Brennt Paris? Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris burning? It’s certainly not burning hot at the moment except maybe for the strikes. There is something about France which is incomprehensible...

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December 18, 2022

Portland today and the Portlanders

Today’s post is about Portland, Oregon and Portlanders. I vaguely remember promising one of my readers, ages ago, that I would post my pictures...

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November 22, 2022

The 2013 Tour Paris 13 Contemporary Art Experience

I fished the following pictures of the Paris 13 th district out of my archive. In October 2013, street artists from all over the...

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romanesque churches
November 6, 2022

Romanesque churches in Saint Bertrand de Comminges

Romanesque churches are ubiquitous in the Pyrenees. Here a few pictures from Saint Bertrand de Comminges a bit further from the Ariège in the piedmont....

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October 8, 2022

Chateau de Terride in Mirepoix

When preparing this post, I researched Chateau de Terride in Mirepoix with duck duck go. I realised that quite a few chateaux in the south-west...

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