Uzerche – Corrèze

The Pearl of the Limousin

Uzerche is a small town in the Corrèze tucked between Limoges and Brive. Referred to as the pearl of the Limousin, this 16th century town is purely picturesque. Uzerche was built on top of a rocky valley surrounded by the Vézère river, around which most of Uzerche is located.

It’s one of my favorite places. Its hills are strewn with 15th-16th century stone mansions that all look like mediaeval castles. Here’s the first one of them in a series of pictures which should be enough to fuel this blog for weeks on end. If you manage to evade the quarantine, or even better, if you didn’t make it to Calais on time, feel free to stop there and roam around.


Uzerche Corrèze – August 2020

Mansions on Mansions in Uzerche

The most amazing thing about Uzerche is its rich history. Dating all the way back to the 12th century, there is an Abbey here, The Abbey Church of Saint-Pierre. Most of everything else dates back to the 16th century, however. This abbey showcases the true Romanesque Limousin style.


Looks like a tourist brochure in my mind. Yet tourism isn’t on the agenda at the moment. This town is labeled one of France’s 100 most beautiful detours, and I do think it is worth every visit. Not too touristy, yet beaming with rich history, and the architecture makes you feel as if you were dreaming.


Uzerche is a very inspiring historical village. Above is our preferred hotel when we travel there, a 16th century mansion. L’Hôtel Joyet de Maubec, a beautiful view and offers various activities as well. Horse riding, canoeing, fishing, biking, and more, you will get to experience the beauty of Uzerche. And its not too bad to stay in a mansion, though I’m not sure exactly how many others have stayed before us. Definitely, a good place to stop.

– August 2020

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