What Animal Are You?

What Animal Are You?

Have you ever been asked, ‘What kind of animal would you be? Animals are everywhere, different species, shapes and colors. So are humans. Sometimes we find animals that we relate a little too closely too, whether that is because you look alike or because you feel a connection to them. Animals, wild and tamed are fascinating and have been around for about 600 million years. Physiologically and anatomically actually we are very similar. The most important and common similarities are that we can both move, eat, sleep, and communicate. Have you ever seen pictures of animals and felt a similarity? Like maybe they were your spirit animal? Or you were that animal in another life? (If you believe in that sort of thing…)

Ouistreham, Normandy – 2014

Like this boss dog, keeping watch over whatever was going on outside of his food truck?

Ouistreham – 2014

Or you and all of your friends meeting up at the beach to walk along the ocean together? Maybe some of your not-so-much friends came too?

Watchdog – 2014

Or maybe you were people-watching from the comfort of your own home… I think we can all relate a little bit to this one, I mean whoever says they don’t people watch is just lying to themselves.

Paris – 2013

I really like this one. A bulldog in a hoodie, sitting on the grass just hanging out. I think I relate to this one, he seems like he’s people-watching too honestly. I think the blue color compliments his fur tone very well, and the statement collar (or necklace).

Street Dog – 2013

Perhaps you relate to the street dog just walking around exploring the town, stopping in to say ‘hello’. I wonder what animals would say to us if they could speak.

Jardin Extraordinaire – Ariège – 2020



Maybe you see yourself in those who give joy to kids, creating memories that last a lifetime. I like this one a lot, the tilted ear makes me feel like he’s smiling or winking at me. His house seems like it might need a little refurbishing though.

Isles of Scilly – 2018
Isles of Scilly – 2018

Maybe you feel more like a seal taking a little rest on a rock in the midst of the vast ocean. Sunbathing, swimming, or just hanging out.

Pyrenees Sheep – 2009
Pyrenees – Ariege – Mines de Bentaillou – 2017

Maybe you feel like living on a mountain? You could be a sheep up in the Pyrenees, foraging, traveling, or just relaxing.

Cat – 2013

A house cat is always a good option- they live a good life, can’t complain about looking like this.

Parc des Félins – 2012

Or maybe a not so much house cat, but another kind of cat… sleeping the day away.

What animal would you be? Let me know, I would love to hear your responses.

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