Wrapping up 2020

Goodbye 2020

2020 has been a hell of a ride.

Let us say we were in December 2019 and you would stand in front of me and tell me that a bugger has bought fish or armadillo (or pangolin for that matter) from a market in Wuhan, China (the existence of which I was completely unaware at the time), then that the whole world will go on vacation one country at a time, that people will drop like flies in Italy and then that the rest of Europe and the World will be infected as in a bad remake of a Soderbergh film, but Africa, against all odds, will be spared etc. etc.

I think I would have told you to get lost and I would have gone back to my business.

Instead, we did get back to our business but there was precious little business to be found and we spent a whole year battling and grappling with the events.

One year later, here we are. Some of us waiting for jabs, others freaking out, most of us plodding through this battlefield of a year, but here we are, it’s nearly over and we hope we’ll be able to turn the page.

Wrapping up 2020

Wrapping up 2020

When we entered the Cathedral in Versailles earlier this month, we found the organ had been wrapped up Christo style. Christo is one of the many artists who died in 2020, it’s a bit ironic. I’m sure he would have approved of what the builders did there. Now it’s time to wrap up 2020 too and wait for the Arc de Triomphe to be wrapped up (Christo’s last unfinished project) in 2021.

And now 2020, it’s time to say goodbye and part ways.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021. Stay well and safe and see you there then!

Goodbye Christo, goodbye 2020
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