When I saw this remarkable chestnut tree in L'Haÿ les Roses last Sunday, I immediately felt like tree-hugging. Above all, the warmish afternoon caused the rain to evaporate and created that vaporous background. The photo was left as is.

Allotments in Arcueil

 Arcueil and Bagneux are two suburbs in the South of Paris. A bit of an urban jungle if you ask me. Yet, as if feeding from the concrete, beautiful tulips are growing and reminding us that Spring is here. At long last. There are quite a few allotments and gardens left in that area. Map... Continue Reading →

Lisbon In December

Alfama - December 2018 Beyond Pombal square. Igreja de São Domingos was damaged during the 1531 earthquake and destroyed in the 1755 earthquake (the one described in Voltaire's Candide). Rebuilt twice and destroyed once more in 1959 by a fire. The church was rebuilt but the damaged parts of the church were left giving the... Continue Reading →

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