Shadows On The Ground

At long last, my computer has returned home and all my pictures are waiting for me in Lightroom. Here is a bunch taken out of my Lisbon pictures from last December when we were there with friends for the New Year. It all started with this indirect selfie taken from my height while hiding my... Continue Reading →

Life of Pi

Rather than Piscine Molitor,  I went to Aix les Bains to have a look at the 1930 swimming pool. Beautiful window. Sleeping beauty The pool is now closed.

Fridge Bridge in Blois

In Blois (Loire Valley), if you get there by train, you will most probably cross the tracks thanks to a white metal footbridge (as it's white I named it a 'Fridge Bridge'). The 'Fridge Bridge' was finished in 2014. Its architecture is reminiscent of that which was popular in England in the early 1990s. Not... Continue Reading →

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