In Port Royal, a famous cloister yet almost forgotten

The Cloister of Port Royal Abbey in Paris

Back to Paris. Very close to the Port Royal (RER) underground station you may find the eponymous abbey. A famous religious place which used to be the centre of jansenism. Famous writers and philosphers like Pascal and Racine for instance were familiar with that place which was brutally closed in 1664. Yet, 400 years later, most Parisians have forgotten about the abbey, now part of the maternity hospital Baudeloque. The cloister is almost untouched and very peaceful. I really advise that you spare a few minutes to visit what’s left of the abbey and rest in the shade of its arches, thinking about its turbulent history.

Yann Gourvennec
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  1. Yann

    Where can we purchase your work? I’m thinking in particular of the Hopital Port Royal work here, as our duaghter was born there in March. Thanks, Kevin

  2. Hi Kev, Thanks for your message. I am actually based in Paris, and can be reached by phone at +33 (0)6 7075 9028 and +33 (0)1 4589 1266. Are you based in North London or Paris Bld Voltaire? I will be available from tomorrow evening and all week end. Looking fwd to hearing from you soon. K Rgds. Yann

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