Waking-up in Saint-Jacques (Paris 14)

this is my latest watercolour depicting the early morning hours in Saint-Jacques,our area around Montparnasse and Denfert-Rochereau in Paris. The idea was not so much to describe the area but rather to tell a story – as long as brushes can tell a story – about a day in the life of the people around us.

To a certain extent, this picture has nothing to do with Paris, it could have been made anywhere where people are living close to one another. Some may think that being so close to one’s neighbours is really awful. In fact it’s not. It makes you feel part of a community and that feeling is certainly very strong here where the old ‘village-spirit’ still prevails. I believe that what this picture reveals is that feeling that we are very close to one another but that it is rather nice because – in spite of our differences – we are all part of a community sharing the same space, going to the same shops and restaurants and eventually, it makes you feel very much in synch with your environment. At least this is what I feel. (click picture to enlarge)

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