Villa Hallé – new version in acrylics

draft rue Hallé à l'acryliqueFollowing a previous post on a watercolour of the Villa Hallé (situated near Denfert Rochereau, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris) in several stages, here is another variation on this theme in acrylics. The Villa (not a house per se, but a private street in Parisian lingo) is a small passageway with housing developments on both sides, dating 1830, which used to be called “Village d’Orléans”.

A new designer house was built there a couple of years ago. This time I used acrylics on a canvas for this new version. Acrylics are on the one hand as convenient as watercolours and they are also as versatile as oil painting, enabling soft and hard touches, thick and thin etc. Besides, they require water as a main medium (additional mediums are possible) and this is making the painting exercise a lot more pleasant and easy going. No wonder so many painters have opted for acrylics nowadays.

vignette finale rue HalléIn this post I have uploaded 2 pictures of the painting therefore showing two different stages of the canvas. Stage one (on top) involved a high level of dilution of the colours so as to lay out the background and basic colours, stage two (right) shows the end result.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures

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