the rooftops series – Blois, France

As I am getting ready for the Aquarella 2009 exhibition which is due to take place in the West of Paris (Rueil Malmaison to be precise), I have recently produced a new series of rooftop watercolours the idea of which was initiated years ago (see bottom picture). I added a sequel to that rooftop picture by providing another view in the opposite direction taken from nearly the same place, i.e. a stone’s throw from the Blois Cathedral of Blois in the Loire Valley.

Rooftops in Blois - No.2
Rooftops in Blois - No.2 - final version (click to enlarge)

This is only step two in a series of rooftops watercolours which I will issue as I go along this summer as I am building up my stock for the Aquarella event which will take place on Sept 13 (the poster will be added to the blog soon) .

Rooftops in Blois no.2 - 2009

Should you wish to have a close look at the various stages leading to the final version of rooftops in Blois no. 2, click here to see my Posterous report which pictures of the various steps.

Below is a reproduction of version 1 of the Rooftops in Blois series.

CLICK TO ENLARGE - rooftops in Blois

(click the thumbnail to enlarge Rooftops in Blois – May 2005)

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