Resuming Work After Two Years : Saint Jacques at night

Saint Jacques at Night – 2011

Boy, I feel bad! Such a long time without posting anything on this blog. In a way I’m not surprised as it seems I have done nothing but work, day in day out, for these past 2 years. So here I am this morning adding this new piece and preparing a few others related to my latest drawings and watercolours.

This one is on a recurring theme, a new study of Saint Jacques, my district in Paris, my ‘rear-window’ exercise so to speak, James Stewart’s style, already seen a few times, always the same and at the same time always different. 

This topic is an endless source of inspiration though, and it seems I can render the cityscape in a different manner each time, with different colours, different backgrounds, different angles, new characters – real or not it depends – behind their own windows.

This sketch is a 100×100 mm format on French hand-manufactured – Moulin de Larroque – watercolour paper.

Yann Gourvennec
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