The Seagull and the dead fish

Seagull eating dead fish in Essaouira
“talking bird” by Death Cab for Cutie [narrow stairs]

Seagulls come in droves in Essaouira. There are all kinds of gulls there, but don’t ask me what this one is exactly, I have no clue. I captured him while he was eating the head of a dead fish in the port. This is a 300 mm shot from afar, with the amazingly crisp 28-300 mm Nikon zoom lens (the lens is said to have a lot of distortion, but honestly, I never was able to spot it and besides, Lightroom does away with distortion automatically), a 1 kg bugger which does my neck each time I use it but boy! isn’t that a sharp picture? (Full EXIF here)

Yann Gourvennec
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