3 ways of seeing the Paris metro: vote for your preferred picture

When I “developed” that picture with my favourite piece of software (Adobe Lightroom 4), I hesitated a lot as to which kind of rendition I’d choose. At first, I really liked the original picture below.

metro - denfert rochereau original
Rendition 1 (above) is therefore untouched. Except for straightening vertical lines very distorted by my wide angle lens.
metro - denfert rochereau v2
(Rendition 2: above) Then I tried to work on a copy of that picture using the “colourfade” preset (download link below text). It sorts of enables you to turn your picture into a black & white still + 1 (or 2) tones. Here I tweaked the preset in order to add the blue sky. I thought looked great because it then highlighted black figures against a blue sky and at the same time, there was these special grey tones in the corners.
metro - denfert rochereau v3
Rendition 3 (above) was even more radical, and I assumed that what mattered was the Chinese shadow-type characters in the picture and the blue sky was only there to distract the eye of the reader.

Now is a good time to decide which picture you prefer and vote:

download the colourfade preset for lightroom4


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  1. Both the 2nd and 3rd photographs work for me. I do like the near split tone effect of the 2nd except that the blue is a bit too saturated for me around the middle figure. The pure b&w is a good classic fallback look, but I would have liked the sign to pop just a little more.

    • Thanks Steve, glad you like the split tone effect, I like it too. Agree with the saturation issue. Can do better here. Understand also what you mean about the sign on the b&w instance, it does pop a lot more on the split tone picture.

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