Arcachon Seascape at Sunset … Name Your Choice! – landscape or portrait, HDR or Non HDR? …

3 views of the same seascape in Arcachon, near Bordeaux. I’m torn on that issue. Should I use the portrait or landscape format? Should I keep the HDR or non HDR shots? I have decided to let you make that difficult decision on my behalf … if you agree to vote.

7am CET update on May 17: Picture n°2 (portrait/non HDR) wins with 4 votes, n°1 is second with 2 votes, and n°3 is last with only one vote! HDR didn’t win this time.
Picture No. 1 is a simple one-shot landscape view of from the shore.
Picture No. 2 was taken from the exact same position and at the same time and is also a single shot picture but in portrait format. My hunch was that the rocks in the foreground were sort of pointing towards the motor boat in the middle and were creating a nice perspective, even though the portrait format is unusual for landscapes (hence the name!)
Picture No.3 is the HDR version in Landscape format of that shot from that same spot at the same time on that beautiful spring evening a few weeks ago.

Now, the vote!

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