Saint Germain-en-Laye in Black and White

Saint Germain

Saint Germain-en-Laye in Black and White

Saint Germain
I lived in Saint Germain for 15 years (with a few gaps here and there when I was in London and Beirut).

Anybody who has lived there falls in love with that town, and it’s not just French people.

St Germain is probably one of the most international towns around what with the international Lycée to begin with, not to name the numerous expats who live there because it’s nice and posh.

But St Germain en Laye is also the former Regal town, way before Versailles was built by Louis XIII. A lot of that past is still available for us to see, like these minute 16th or 17th century streets with buildings obviously built before Louis XIV (you can tell by the way that they are all crooked). Above, a paved street off the Rue au Pain.

Saint Germain
Another example of a tiny street off the Rue de Pologne
Following my previous post, here is a depiction of St Germain-en-laye in black and white
Villa Medicis is where Alexandre Dumas wrote quite a few of his books
the old-fashioned alternative to the Oxo salad spinner
crooked rooftop
A beautiful 18th century mansion

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