Laurent Galili: A Santur (or Hammered Dulcimer) Maestro

On our way to the Pantheon, a 15 minutes’ walk from where we live, we stopped by this Iranian crafts shop we know well for buying a superb Sirjan kilim carpet a few years ago. There we were greeted very kindly by Maestro Laurent Galili, as stated on his website, “a leading virtuoso on the Santur, with fifty five years professional experience both in his native Iran and in France”. He also gives concerts with the famous Anglo French actor, Michael Lonsdale.
Pr Galili let me take pictures of him while he was playing beautiful Iranian melodies of hi composition on the Santur.
Laurent Galili - Santur player
All of that was very conducive to meditation and spirituality. Not your usual Saturday afternoon shopping I would say, and this is what makes life in a big multicultural City like Paris beautiful.

>> Link to Pr Galili’s French website

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