Not A Nice Shot But My Last Picture With My (Stolen) Nikon D600 … Sigh!

This isn’t a nice shot! This is only the last known picture I took with my D600, i.e. the 6634th shot overall since I purchased it early December 2012.It was taken last Saturday because yesterday, as I was having dinner with friends after an outing, my bag and all its contents, including my camera, were stolen. Ok, I won’t try and feel sorry for myself here, I will turn the page, I won’t even be angry.I’ll be a good Christian as I was taught to be. Next time, I’ll have dinner with my bag around my neck, as I believe it won’t be possible to steal my belongings without me at least noticing. Thieves, I hate you!

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    • Ah! the power of blogs 🙂

      Thank you so much Phil and thanks for stopping by. We’re two of a kind now, that we have gone through the same ordeal. Very depressing indeed The stolen camera site isn’t responding right now, but I’m sure this is going to be helpful. Thank you so much for your kind help.

      Looking forward to viewing your interview too.


  1. Even it is material, it’s always a part of ourselfs which is stolen …. souvenirs and moments … sad feelîng anayway … Looking forward the IMG_1.NEF of your next one!

    • Thanks. Have already ordered one. After all, it’s best to start all over again now than wait. My last stolen camera was one I bought in 2002 and was stolen barely a week later. OK, it was only a compact camera. This time it’s a lot lot worse than that!

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