Not A Nice Shot But My Last Picture With My (Stolen) Nikon D600 … Sigh!

Belle photo

This isn’t a nice shot! This is only the last known picture I took with my D600, i.e. the 6634th shot overall since I purchased it early December 2012.It was taken last Saturday because yesterday, as I was having dinner with friends after an outing, my bag and all its contents, including my camera, were stolen. Ok, I won’t try and feel sorry for myself here, I will turn the page, I won’t even be angry.I’ll be a good Christian as I was taught to be. Next time, I’ll have dinner with my bag around my neck, as I believe it won’t be possible to steal my belongings without me at least noticing. Thieves, I hate you!

Yann Gourvennec
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  1. Even it is material, it’s always a part of ourselfs which is stolen …. souvenirs and moments … sad feelîng anayway … Looking forward the IMG_1.NEF of your next one!

    • Thanks. Have already ordered one. After all, it’s best to start all over again now than wait. My last stolen camera was one I bought in 2002 and was stolen barely a week later. OK, it was only a compact camera. This time it’s a lot lot worse than that!

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