George Washington
Place d’Iena in Paris, there is a statue of George Washington, which was intended as a (self-centred?**) gift by the USA to France for offering the Statue of Liberty. January 2014.

**[Feb 26, 2014] as to the gift being possibly self-centred, I wish to point my readers to Amanda’s note in the comments section, which emphasises that this is not true. At a moment when the great friendship between the American and French people is once more hailed, we’ll take this opportunity to rejoice over the end of the “Freedom fries” era and other drivel.

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  1. I have to disagree with the ‘self-centred’ view of the gift. It wasn’t actually gifted by the government, but by a committee of American women who gave it as a gift for the support of their husbands and countrymen following the war. Washington in supposed to be ‘saluting’ the French people for their sacrifice.

    • Thanks for this precision Amanda. As the remark was made to me by a friend, I will be more than happy to direct him to your comment. Recently I saw a documentary regarding the gift of the statue of Liberty. I had no idea at all that this this had been such an uphill struggle. The fight and campaign led by Pulitzer in favour of the Statue in order to finance its pedestal was admirable. Thank you so much for visiting the blog (I will add a comment in the text pointing to your note).

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