La pregunta de sus ojos (B&W)

Paris, Gare de Lyon. 2011

La pregunta de sus ojos (the question in their eyes) is an Argentinian novel by Eduardo Sacheri, which was turned into a beautiful film by Juan José Campanella in 2009. The film was renamed El secreto de sus ojos and the screenplay entirely rewritten by Campanella and Sacheri. It took the director 1 full year before launching his project and another one and half year to rewrite the script. This film is a cross between a detective story and a love story, but love and eyes are everywhere. You’ll just have to guess whose eyes they are talking about. Last but not least a fabulous sequence shot above a football stadium shows a bird-eye’s view of a match until the camera plunges into the cop. The sequence was shot in 3 days but it took Campanella and his teams of 30 editors, 9 full months to edit it so that “no one with the DVD would be able to understand the editing and tricks even displaying the scene image by image”. Not your usual blockbuster and a film to remember.

Yann Gourvennec
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