Tropical Garden Statuary (B&W)

The tropical garden in Vincennes is a mixed bag of left over pavilions from the late 19th century international exhibitions, greenhouses, and office buildings dedicated to the study and preparation of tropical plants. It is also packed with interesting statuary, in various states of conservation. Above, Theseus is holding the Gorgon’s head … who is kind of chewing a leaf by  the way.

A stern statue representing Europe in a group depicting all continents.

A graceful, but unfortunately beheaded, oriental statue. The whole park is in a bit of a sorry state, which makes for interesting photography (colourised black and white in that particular case).

Yann Gourvennec
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  1. I’ve stayed in Vincennes several times, but clearly have not done my homework because I missed this area entirely! Beautiful shots, Yann. Somehow the assaults of the weather and age make these statues even more appealing.

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