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Spotted today at the 2015 Chinese New Year Pageant, this vintage camera lover who didn’t hesitate to bring a fixed lens and old-style bellows camera amid the crowd. Not sure about the position of her fingers right in front of the lens, with a non SLR camera (hence, she can’t see her fingers but the lens will!) Reminds me of my old Foca Sport II, a 1960s camera I used to carry around with me all the time. I loved the way you had to manually tune your shoots from A to Z including the manual exposure meter (which looked a bit like this). Not sure about her measure of light and exposure in this shot either. Having said that, most of my shots are tuned manually (except today because it was too crowded and one had to shoot over people’s heads if one wanted to see something so I resorted to semi manual with a bit of autofocus in auto mode and I still don’t like it because it’s all over the place).

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