Prague, Reward and the Friday Photo Challenge

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My life as a ‘young’ entrepreneur isn’t exactly what I’d call a picnic, even though free enterprise and the success I enjoy due to our team’s hard work and dedication and passion, at the end of an already rich and long career is also a form of reward. This is why I tend not to travel abroad as much as I’d like to. So when I had the opportunity last October – thanks to one of my preferred clients, a Czech start-up by the name of Youstice, to meet with some of the Web’s pioneers like Doc Searls and Esther Dison, I took it as a reward for my work. I really enjoyed coming back to the Czech Capital, that I hadn’t seen for the best of the past 20 years! I used to go there often when I was based in London, since we had an office there and I often went there for business. So when the Daily Post suggested Reward being this week’s topic, I felt like sharing these pictures from Prague, which I really enjoyed taking on one of the year’s most beautiful and sunny weekends, between 2 sessions of our panels (more hard work). n°1 shows Karlův most or Charles Bridge.

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n°2 is a peaceful and beautiful statue taken in the commons around Kampa

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n° 3 is a bucolic scene taken on our way to the local Eiffel tower. One is at the foot of the old castle but the impression is that of a country scene

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n°4 is taken along the same path, the paved road giving the (certainly wrong) impression that nothing has changed there for ages.

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