Ephemeral Is The Photo Challenge

Ephemeral was last Friday’s photo challenge and I’ve only been able to catch up with it today so here I go with a few pictures which make me think of that theme.


Ephemeral means “lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory” and there is nothing more ephemeral than flowers and especially roses. As I have already shown pictures of roses I thought I’d choose something different and I picked my first Spring picture at the beginning of March on one of those beautiful Spring days which was so warm you’d almost feel it were Summer. In Spring, flowers like these, and mostly bluebells (very shortly) crop up and disappear very rapidly.


Dragonflies are ephemeral too. Their adult lives – provided they can outlive their predators – do not expand beyond several months.


Yet, most beautiful of all in my mind are the poppies one finds in our fields in Picardy (below), once the battlefields of the Somme, or in the Paris region (above). Seeing them appear amongst crops in late June or early July is such a pleasure one wished Summer itself weren’t that ephemeral. Check the Friday photo challenge by clicking this link.

Somme DSC 1489

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