Off-Season Photo Challenge

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I love Normandy. Yet, off-season over there is a bit of an all-year round thing. A wee bit like Summer in Scotland. Well, frankly, it’s hadly any better than Scotland, but it is a beautiful area too. So when we set foot in Orbec on July 14th, 2011 (Bastille Day), we weren’t really surprised that we had to walk around in our waterproofs and the temperature was just above freezing point. Well, almost. Taking pictures was risky. The old Nikon D7000 nearly got drowned but I managed. Bravely. Mind you, I’m a Kelt from Brittany and I have lived for years on end in Britain, so I can take my West country weather like a man. And so could my camera. The light and reflections on the cobblestones was truly amazing. Hence my choice for this week’s “off-season” photo challenge.

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