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Schumann-Darius-juin-2015-0008.jpgWhat subject am I repeatedly taking pictures of? At first, I was a little puzzled when I discovered the topic submitted last night by the good people at the Daily Post photo challenge. And then it came to my mind that as the “official” photographer of my friends from the Paris Darius Milhaud Choir (of which I used to be a member), I tend to take quite a few pictures of the musicians and choirs. To begin with, the conductor of the Paris Orsay Symphonic Orchestra, Martin Barral.


Soloists Caroline Casadesus and Katryn Werner

The choir, like a genie coming out of a tuba.

At an open air concert in Ormesson, set in a sand quarry in the middle of the forest in Fontainebleau.

A reflection of the attendance in a window (Notre de Dame du Travail, Paris 14)

The orchestra from being the stage


My friends from the Darius Milhaud choir.


Schumann’s requiem is a must-have for music lovers.


As if you were in the orchestra.



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