Door to Door (Friday Photo Challenge)

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Doors come in different shapes and forms. They are passages. Even though, sometimes, as in this picture of a Catalonian door, they can be very small and crooked.

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They are sometimes adorned with details. In Denfert Rochereau, the emblem of which is the proud Lion of Belfort, what else would you want on your door knob?

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Their colours can be striking too, as in Normandy, and their names can be funny at times (“Bichette” means “little doe”)

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Very weird names indeed.

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In Senlis, the old medieval town, some of the doors are painted turquoise and you’d almost think you are in York or Skipton, not a stone’s throw from the French capital.

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Doors are sometimes open too. As in this secret passage to the secret bar “Le Perchoir” in Menilmontant. There are no signs for this bar, word of mouth – and an open door – does it all.

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Doors can sometimes be transparent and passers-by seen from the inside.

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Lastly, they can sometimes be very small, yet take you very high as this door to an early twentieth century lighthouse in Normandy.

 Many thanks to the Daily Post people for inspiring us.

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