Boundaries in the Pyrenees

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We have a house in the Pyrenees. A region we love, in the middle of nowhere, and very few people to spoil it. It’s a country of wild open spaces where we love to wander, cycle (uphill) and ramble. Even though it’s full of open spaces, it’s also a place of boundaries. This piece was inspired by the Friday photo challenge.

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Like the balcony on this traditional house, that of our neighbours, René and Martine, two arty people from the North who came to live near their children and grand children in this small village of ours (Augirein).

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René is not only arty, he is also very gifted and he helped us with the new wicket gate. Another boundary.

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Our other next door neighbours, Paula and Philippe have designed this beautiful boxed garden next to our house (the one in the background). More boundaries.

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In the fields, boundaries are everywhere, and farmers aren’t keen on seeing people trespassing. By law, we have right of roaming but they don’t like it that much.

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Last but not least there are the Pyrenees themselves, natural boundaries, which often emerge from the mist.

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