Treat and no tricks


Today’s photo challenge is about treat. So today’s photo is a picture taken with my iPhone when I last went to Prague. I don’t drink often, but I like a beer every now and then and especially dark beer. So here we go, here was my treat, during this visit of the Czech capital (on that same day I took many other pictures with my D810 camera too).

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  1. Perfect timing, Yann! I was just researching Prague last night for a possible upcoming trip, so now I have your photos to help get an initial feel for the city – one can only tell so much from pictures of the bridge and the red rooftops! I don’t drink at all anymore, but my favorite beer treat of all times was at a hotel in Menton on the sea. It was a Leffe – Belgian beer.

    1. Thanks for your comment Beth. I have never been to Menton, it is said to be very nice, even though it’s quite far from Belgium (I lived on the Belgian border for years on end). I do love Leffe too. If you are into strong dark Belgian beer, I would recommend Chimay bleue (or red it’s a bit weaker) too. I quite like Gueuze Lambic (the sour one) too. As to trips we are planning to come to Washington State next Summer, visiting friends. We’ll be able to greet each other from the air 😉

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