Weird Night Light In Hyde Park


You know how it is. You walk somewhere and in the middle of your stroll you spot something, and you feel the urge of taking a picture. Here I was with the Wife in the middle of Hyde Park on that late rainy Sunday evening in December and we were even surprised the Park wasn’t closed and we walked on and on until we reached the end of Park Lane and before that we ended there. The light was weird and I didn’t have my tripod with me and I couldn’t reasonably take that picture could I? So I turned the ISO knob until it screamed and I pressed the button anyway holding my breath. And that’s what I got. And I thought I would throw that picture away and I didn’t. I couldn’t. I love its weird colour and light and I remember that moment which brought me back a few years in that place when it used to be called Home. 

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  1. So glad you didn’t throw this picture away! I love the weird light and color too.

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