Freezing time


Place de L'étoile - Arc de Triomphe


Today’s challenge is “time“. But time can be stopped. Well, maybe it can. At least I tried. One of these warm June days I took my kit with me and crossed town. I went all around the Arc de Triomphe with my camera on a tripod. Here are a few shots which aimed at freezing time around one of the looniest of roundabouts on planet Earth.

Place de L'étoile - Arc de Triomphe
Here a couple was walking along. One can see them on the right hand side.

Place de L'étoile - Arc de Triomphe

A little later.

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  1. In your capable hands, even the insanity that surrounds the Arc de Triomphe looks beautiful and serene. Très belles captures. Well done!

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