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I found this week’s Friday photo challenge about lansdcape very apt. Last weekend, the Wife and I went to the country. She didn’t quite like the kind of weather we had and I had my fair share of whinging if you see what I mean. Skies were dark, menacing, laden with huge black clouds like the ones above when we reached La Roche Guyon in the region known as Le Vexin, 80 km west of Paris. Very menacing clouds as you an see. Not to my wife’s liking but a real delight for photographers, mainly with this second hand Nikon 24-70mm zoom I purchased a month ago.


From a distance, the landscape embracing the Seine was absolutely stunning. Elms are still growing new branches which make for perfect yellow on a green background.


Last but not least we climbed the banks of the Seine, a couple of hundred metres above sea-level, up to Haute-Souris, a very funny name for a place (meaning literally “high-mouse”). The view from there was absolutely stunning. I saved that HDR shot of the area from all the shots I had taken on location. I love landscape photography, and last weekend was the perfect day for it. I told you, this challenge was very apt.

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