Today’s challenge is “future” and future to me is my business which I started two + years ago and is taking up a lot of my time. Cedric (above) is a young consultant I hired in my team last year. He is enthusiastic and young he is the future not just of my business but of Europe as well (well, not he alone I mean).


And here is one more shot from my office, which by the way used to be home to Frederic Chopin until 1851.


The grand entrance to the building. As you can see, future can be rooted in History.


A beautiful condo from the 19th century.


I told you, Chopin (and George Sand of course) lived there for 7 years.

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  1. What a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new! How fortunate you are to work in such a historic space … and it’s comforting to think of Cedric as one of Europe’s young stewards of the future; he looks very bright and capable. Et aussi, quelle drôle coincidence que je viens de voir l’addresse de votre bureau — il y a seulement quelques jours — dans une publication de la Mairie de Paris que suive les traces de Chopin à Paris. J’ai l’intention de faire une petite <> quand je retourne à Paris dans quelques semaines. If I by chance see you in the courtyard, I will say hello! 😉

    • By any means please do. All you have to do is search for Visionary Marketing in Google and our phone number will appear. Looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks for the kind words and the few words in French. Very nice.

      • Merci infiniment for your kind response, Yann. I will let you know when I’m in Paris and perhaps I can at least say hello to you in the beautiful courtyard of your office building. À bientôt, j’espère !

      • I think such concerts would be a huge success! (And I would be your first client.) 🙂

      • 🙂 They do exist in fact. Every September in London at the Royal Albert Hall. Known as “THE PROMS” and created in the mid 18th century. I definitely recommend them because you have a chance to listen to some of the most prominent musicians for next to nothing. Cheapest tickets are the ones in the upper floor where there are no seats (hence the name: “promenade concerts” because listeners could walk around – well almost – while listening to the music)

      • How marvelous! Thank you for telling me about this — I’ve just added one more reason to my list of “Why I Must Get Back to London.”

      • Oh yes the proms are something to see and hear. And close to the Notting hill carnival both in time and place. To kill two birds with one stone.

      • Even better! (I love being efficient, even in my sightseeing.) Thank you for the follow-up thoughts, Yann!

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