Pure photo challenge

 Today’s photo challenge is “pure”. I selected a few picture from the Albert Kahn gardens in Boulogne Billancourt. 


Kahn was an admirer of the Orient and he built this Japanese garden a stone’s throw from Paris. A very rich man at first, he lost all his fortune in the 1930s.


Fortunately, the garden remains and is a preferred venue for Parisians wanting to taste Nature and Zen in the middle of the City.


Pure, fresh green grass.

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  1. Your photos are pure, indeed — pure beauty! I love the first one, especially, of the stones. You have really piqued my interest to visit these gardens the next time I’m in Paris. Speaking of the “next time,” did you by chance get the email I sent through your company’s website? I was very sorry to miss you last month, but my husband and I were only in Paris for a few days and we simply ran out of time. But I promise you the next visit will be longer, and that we’ll stop by to say hello.

    • Hi heather thanks for your kind words. Hell, no! I didn’t spot your email. It must have gone with the flow. The contact@… Email address is completely flooded by PR from all over the world. Replace contact with ygourven and my domain name with gmail and you have my personal email address. Best. Yann

      • How wonderful that your contact@ address is flooded with PR from all over the world, Yann! (It frankly sounds a bit overwhelming, but hopefully there are some good opportunities in there for you and your firm.) In any case, thank you so much for sending along your personal email address. I’ll be absolutely sure to let you know next time I’m in your beautiful city.

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