The Devil is in there


The devil, and the lizard, is in the details as the saying goes. I caught that one above amongst the rocks outside Port Royal des Champs Abbey in the South West of Paris a few years back. One really has to focus to catch a glimpse of the ’beast’.

Chamarande - Richard Orlinksi

More recently, last weekend in fact, I took this picture of Richard Orlinski’s red croc outside the Chateau de Chamarande. The play between the two complementary colours (red and green) is obviously accentuated in this shot.

Trees in Chamarande

A few minutes later we were having a nap below a tree in the park and I looked up and saw that beautiful old tree and took a shot with my 35mm fixed lens. You can see all the details in the treetops.


This close up is that of a tractor’s wheel in the Alps, shot barely a month ago.

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