Funny statues and lemur


This week’s challenge is “fun”. In fact I missed the past two ones as I was busy replenishing my photo album collection while touring the Pacific Northwest with the Wife. A few months ago we went with some friends in the Alps and we came across some very weird statues. The gentleman who creates them is a farmer and a sculptor. He sculpts them with a chain-saw, hence the funny eyes.


Most funny though was my friend Yves posing with one of these statues. I can’t tell which one of those two is the weirdest.


In May as we were in Cannes, I spotted that boat and then realised the this was a floating ice-cream van, I found it rather funny.


Lastly, an old picture of a lemur from Madagascar and their funny eyes.

dourdan-DSC_0073They are even funnier in small groups of five or six.


They are funny but sometimes you can feel how sad they are even though they still look funny.

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  1. Can’t wait to see your photos of my part of the world here in the Pacific Northwest 🙂 We just celebrated Paris last night with Portland’s version of Diner en Blanc, so much fun!

    • The penny hadn’t dropped immediately about this “dîner en blanc” thingie. Sorry, I had never heard about it, that’s so much for me not being part of the Gentry I guess.It looks pretty big. I can see the pictures on your website now.

      • it’s a world-wide imitation of a 30 year old Parisian event, just figured all Parisians knew about it, just like we assume you know the person we met on the train 40 years ago between Paris and Brussels 🙂

      • It’s probably very well known to French people, in fact I have no clue, I’ll have to check. Or maybe it’s something to do with the Jetset, a tad out of reach for no lifers like me. 20+ years ago my then partner in Britain kept mentioning the “bal des débutantes” and I had no bloody idea what she was talking about (I even though this was a joke). There you go. Blame it on my inapt social life.

      • Thanks. Very kind. As far as I am concerned Quinault lodge and Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens were particularly enjoyable. I love best the panoramic shots of both volcanoes and also the Seattle shots. We were with friends there and it made it easier for us to roam around. I loved the Queen Anne area and the night shots are reasonably good given the fact that I couldn’t carry my tripod with me.

  2. Well, you’ve certainly nailed the challenge of posting something “fun”! Those statues remind me a little bit of Easter Island for some reason — though on rather a different scale, of course. 😉 And the lemurs! I find them adorable and comical as well, but often wonder what is going on behind those alert little eyes …
    Thank you for sharing these lovely and amusing photos, and for bringing me a big smile.

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