Rare Is the Challenge


Rare was last Friday’s challenge but I was so busy working trying to catch up for lost time that I forgot to post my weekly blog piece, so here it is is. We spent two weeks vacationing in the Pacific North West and all along I was searching for pictures of an old gas (petrol) station in that area. My aim was to adorn the slider panel of my Visionary Marketing website (my company). I found this one – a 1929 job – in Mount Rainier’s Longridge area. The station was used until the 1980s and then discontinued. Recently they decided to refurbish it and put it on display in its original location.


I had never seen such an old gas station. I was born in the 1960s and all these have long been understandably decommissioned.


That was a rare occasion and I didn’t miss it. Eventually, I ended up using another picture for my website, that of a gas tank seen on an old 1930s truck used to take tourists to Mount Rainier’s Paradise Inn.


Here’s the tank and below is the 1930s truck, beautifully refurbished.


In the end I was happy I was able to bring back these pictures for my Website, they really look much cooler than these standard stock images I can’t stand anymore.

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