Alone In The Crowd

Alone in the crowd

Alone in the crowd, she was. Tip-tapping on her smartphone. Unaware of what was happening around her. Lost in her thoughts. Buttes Chaumont. July 2016.

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      • Speaking only for myself: Although I use the same technology as the under-30 set, I didn’t grow up with it, so I don’t truly consider myself part of that generation.

        And my observation of these “digital natives” is that their relationships to each other, to nature, and even with themselves are profoundly different than mine were at that age because of social media and the internet. They’ve grown up with a sense of constant connectedness and instant communication that creates a much richer sense of community with their peers, I think — but that connectedness also creates constant distraction in the form of text messages, Snapchats, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, etc., etc. The result can be a kind of fractured attention because there’s always so much data flowing in — and because of the pressure to “package” their own experience for their friends’ consumption.

        This is just a generality, of course, because generations are made up of individuals — but it’s a generality based on my own observations of 20-something friends and colleagues.

      • I’m quite old but my father was an IT pioneer and I grew up with it. As a Web professional (for the past 22 years or so) I’ve also been connected most of the time. Sociologists (Mario Cassili for instance) are often very critical of this “digital natives” classification showing that impressions are seldom substantiated by facts. At any rate it’s not true that young ones are more gifted when it comes to using computers. Many sociological studies have shown the opposite to be true. Yet, we are all spending too much time on these things it’s good that we learn how to put them down at times (over Summer I switch off everything for two weeks and my sleep improves 100%).

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