Life On The Edge: Mount Rainier

edge-mountain-mount-rainier-photo-challengeToday’s challenge by Ben Huberman is “Edge.” I chose this recent picture taken from Mount Rainier’s Skyline trail. Mountains are incredibly hard to photograph, they are huge but DSLR sensors are very small. This mountain was even harder to photograph. It kept hiding behind clouds and it took us two whole days before we could see anything. Then, as we were hiking on that trail, the veil lifted and we saw the huge mount. Right on the edge, a couple was taking pictures of themselves. They look so small by comparison to the huge mount. Then the photo started to make sense, and one could at last catch a glimpse of how vast the area is.

Yann Gourvennec
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  1. BRAVO — both for your persistence in waiting for “the decisive moment,” and for capturing it so beautifully. This is an image to be proud of, Yann!

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