Tightening the Belt

petite ceinture Paris
Petite Ceinture: click picture to enlarge and see the detail

This weekend there won’t be any photo challenge from our good friends at WordPress.com. So here’s a panorama merge from the “Petite Ceinture” (literally “small belt”), the old and derelict orbital railway which goes all around Paris, mostly underground. The railway line was discontinued in the 1930s and most of it hasn’t changed since then. In some other areas, it has been turned into a footpath for families and joggers. Looking at this, one senses that a huge opportunity to have a superb inner green belt within the large City has been completely missed and it’s a bit sad (I’ll show you some of the nice bits later). Let’s be optimistic, our municipal people will certainly get their act together, one day. After all, it only happened 86 years ago, you know.

Yann Gourvennec
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