Quest For A Haven


In June this year we went to visit friends in Le Havre, which means “Haven” in French. The weather in Paris was cold and grotty and when we reached Normandy the sun was shining and it was very hot (that in itself was pretty unusual). My wife dropped me at the other end of town and I ran for above 10 miles all the way across parks and forests and hills and town to the seaside. At the end of that path is the gateway to the channel and eventually, the Atlantic Ocean. Running – or mountain biking – is the way I embark on quests out in the open. If only I hadn’t hurt myself a little later in June this year, I’d still be doing it. Posted as a follow-up to Cheri Lucas Rowlands’ Friday challenge piece entitled “Quest.”

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  1. The sun was bright and shining in Normandy? If not for your (beautiful!) photo I would not believe such a thing was possible! 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear your injury is hampering your activity a bit, though. I hope it heals soon, and completely. Cheers to you, Yann, and thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.

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