Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be

Grisy Les Plâtres - Vexin - France

Tonight’s Friday Photo Challenge theme is nostalgia. I like the topic, even though I tend to find that there is a little bit too much of that around us at the moment, and not enough people trying to make the world a better place in the future, I must admit that certain things I see appeal to me and make me think of things I used to be familiar with and I miss here and now. Like the country crosses. In Brittany, we call them “calvaries“. But here, around the Capital City, they are much simpler like the one above in Grisy les Plâtres, NW of Paris. Barely 28 miles from the centre of one of the largest metropoles of this world, it’s hard to imagine on can still find remnants of these olden days.

Petite Ceinture

Even here in the City, one can still find traces of the old town when people could design proper lighting. The shot is a good comparison between the old and the new.


Much further away, in the Pacific NW, a 1930s gas (petrol) pump. Even in the new world, one can find nostalgia. Nostalgia everywhere I tell you.


Here’s one of my preferred one, probably not the best shot but a nice memory of a greenhouse turned into a gallery in Gerberoy. The location of Painter Henri Le Sidaner’s beautiful house and gardens. Now, that is nostalgia for you. 7 years to the day that I haven’t touched my brushes and I’m so longing for more time to paint. This will, undoubtedly, come one day. Let’s be hopeful and ditch Nostalgia for a while.

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  1. Your wry headline made me chuckle, but your post really made me *think.* Between your beautiful photos and your philosophical musings I think you’ve exceeded this challenge, Yann.

    PS: I a hopeful you’ll find time to pick up the paint brushes again soon!

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