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Home is an easy subject for me when you own the anti museum in Paris. And it’s today’s challenge. I was born here but then my family went elsewhere and then I moved abroad and it’s only (relatively) recently that I made Paris my home town. To most people, being in the underground (“metro” as it’s called here) is a synonym for nightmare. But to me it’s not. OK, sometimes, one could be more comfy I guess. But it’s so convenient and fast. I spend half of my life in it. So here are a few pics from my area starting with Line 6 at Passy, a shot those who loved the last tango in Paris will easily recognise.


The entrance at Dauphine is pure Art Nouveau by Guimard. That’s the end of line 2.


Seen from below.


The metro crossing the Seine at Bercy. Like Zazie, I love the metro. Line 6 again.

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  1. Magnifique les photos! En effet je trouve que malgré la saleté occasionnelle et les cons qui peuvent y roder, le métro de paris est franchement le meilleur ^^ Quand je suis rentrée chez moi aux USA j’étais étonnée combien attendre 5-10 minutes pour un train me semblait absurde comme à Paris c’est tellement rapide!!!

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