Chaos Is The Mother Of Mother Earth


Tonight’s challenge is “chaos”. Chaos (or Chasm), according to the ancient Greeks was the state of things before anything was created. Out of nothing – chaos – came Gaïa (the Earth) and many other things. Chaos is the Mother of Mother Earth. Chaos, as in this green light seen through my lens when out of focus. It was made of a myriad different reflecting surfaces. Chaos, but a green light after all.


Or the Chaos of autumn leaves on the ground. They, in turn will be collected and ground and used as fertilisers.

Seattle, Wa USA

Chaos as the old part of the City in Seattle but at the same time a place where life, and business, are thriving.


Chaos like the glacier in Mount Rainier. When melting, it will feed the many rivulets and torrents around the Mount. Chaos is the Mother of everything.

Yann Gourvennec
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