Eyes Set On the Horizon


Tonight’s photo challenge is about “horizon”. Talking about resolutions and changing lives, mine changed nearly three years ago when I made the decision to quit my job and set up my own business. Two opposing worlds they were, a real jump into the unknown, my eyes set on the horizon.


In retrospect, I didn’t quite look back when I come to think of it. In fact I didn’t have to whinge about the past, just focus on the horizon and the future.


The future is bright and promising, all you have to do is believe in this and work and do things as you see fit and eventually, luck travels your way.


Talking about travel I have my eyes set on the ferries, the ones founded by my Namesake Alexis. Looking North West, I’ll be back there one day, on the footsteps of the old Onion Johnnies.


Like the sheep at St Michael’s Mount, all one has to do is graze (toil) and never forget to look at the horizon, not lose sight of our dreams. They will come true. All these pictures were taken in April 2014 as I was catching my breath between two deals at the beginning of what looks more and more like a sprinting marathon of a venture. Across the water is my second home, it’s my horizon.

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